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Tips For Finding The Best Health Insurance For Self-employed Entrepreneur

insuranceHealth insurance policy is without doubt a necessity that should not be ignored by self-employed entrepreneurs. With unexpected events hitting individuals without them anticipating, an insurance policy will save them from incurring total loss. However, choosing a perfect insurance policy has become a daunting task to most people with many companies offering what seems to be the best deal. If you are faced with such a problem, here are useful tips for you. Continue reading

10 Tips for Running Your Online Business When Traveling the World

tips for travelVacation time is one of the most overlooked essential needs for business owners. Most entrepreneurs, with the knowledge of how much their business make when running it, they usually see vacation as a waste of time considering the cost of vacation package itself and the cost of not running the business when away. However, with the latest advancement in technology, you should not worry about that. You can travel throughout the world while running your business smoothly. Below are 10 tips for running your online business when traveling around the world smoothly no matter what bumps you encounter along the way.

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How to Market your Gardening Product Brand online

garden productAre you looking for ways in which to improve your online marketing skills? If you think about it from the customer’s point of view, you can get many useful tips that can help you in selling more of your products online. Online marketing has turned out to be more important than ever and here we present to you several ways that can be employed to make sure that you get the most out of your new gardening product. The good thing is that much of the internet activities revolve around lifestyle, especially where social media is concerned. Thus, internet plays an important part in online marketing.  Continue reading

How Internet Marketing Helps Online Sports Nutrition Brands Raise The Bar

Make no doubt about it – the internet is the way to go when it comes to shopping – and there is a fresh breed of sports nutrition firms which are heavily marketing their products via the internet. Internet Marketing advisers who carry out the firm’s on-line goals and plans largely to help these businesses succeed.

With the rapid appearance of internet technology over the last decade, consumers are at present able to shop for almost anything online. The clever companies are the ones that don’t just sell via the web, but also influence as a way of growing their business from it.

Another popular method for advertising a product using social media is by doing product giveaways. This is where a product is given away for free if a company’s customers share their announcement on social media by tweeting or liking on facebook.

Free things are liked by most people, and when it is an item that they’re actually interested in, then there’s more reason for that customer to share it with their friends. And then it is shared by them with their buddies, etc and so forth.

Nowadays it really is too dangerous for an organization to disregard the benefits of having a strong internet presence. The most advanced brands are the ones that use the most advanced strategies to market products and their brands.

Sports nutrition sites like Workout Nutrition Pro have a heavy reliance on internet marketing in how the company promotes their products that get reviewed. Every product that gets added to their own website also gets posted to all of their social media accounts.

The ideal scenario would be to go viral around various paths that are on-line, but most firms realize that this really is scarcely true. However, those in the know would argue that this is the wrong way of thinking.

Take a recent post by Workout Nutrition Pro where most companies provided a discussion on the best pre workout supplements available for women and men.

Not only did most companies market this article on their website, but it was also promoted by them across their online channels. The result reached was quite notable, with a huge selection of likes and shares. The companies that went most aggressive with internet marketing got the biggest results, and profits.

Sometimes something as simple as sharing a good article with good images can make that particular product go viral.

The key to firms marketing themselves using these channels, is always to provide something which is of value to the potential customer, in the expectancy to turn them into actual customers.

For example, a fitness company could put some striking body building photographs on their facebook and Pinterest pages, with a link back to the original web site post. This article could subsequently supply a write up of the various kinds of sports nutrition products that were used to get the muscles revealed in the photos. It is actually as easy as that.

It’s good to see sports nutrition businesses taking an active lead in this region, and it quite actually has lifted the bar for many other companies to follow suit.

Marketing an Online School

Online schools provide another option to education. These schools will allow a student to complete their coursework from their own home. The school provides the materials, have certified teachers working for them, and will even provide the computer. An excellent example of online schools are the top nursing schools you can find online. These programs allow nurses to further their education and provide a real benefit to their career, and society in general.

There are some ways to market these online schools so they reach the most people.

Use Pay Per Click Advertisement

When advertising online you need a method that will reach your target audience. This is the group that is most likely to use your services. Pay per click advertising will give the person that clicks on the ad to your website a couple of cents as an incentive. This is done through emails. This method will help test out key words that are effective and allows you to set a specific budget for your advertising costs. It also gains you access to websites like the one I linked to earlier that allow advertisements and discuss information about the nursing field ( – in case you forgot!) This is a great way to find people that are looking for more information about the online school.

Direct Mailing

Direct mail is still alive and well. It is inexpensive to mail potential clients more information about what the online school has to offer. When mailing information to a home or office there is the chance that a number of people will see the advertisement and want to find out more information. Like other forms of marketing it is important to research a target audience and make sure they get a mailing. When using direct mailing make sure the ad that is sent is engaging and interesting. It needs to make people want to find out more information.

Use Testimonials from People

Often people are skeptical if a company is being honest when they are marketing their services. That is why it is important to get positive words from people that have graduated from this school. Their words are going to be more believable. Many people feel that others that have used this service will tell the truth. They will also be able to mention specific things that they liked about the online school and how it can benefit others in a similar situation. When giving a testimonial a person should also mention how this school has helped them be successful and accomplish their goals.

Offer a Free Course

Many people want to try things out before they commit to them. The same is true with online education. Many people may not be sure if this is right for them or their family. Offering a free course will allow potential clients to get a feel for the way online education operates.

Use an Affiliate Program

Using this type of program will allow you to have to have help from others to market your school. Affiliates earn money by promoting your school on their website, blog, and other forms of social media. These program will attract people to the website and reach people that are the most likely to sign up for the online classes. Many affiliates only make money when a person signs up to attend the online school. Each affiliate has a link to the school with their own special code so the school can track where their customers are coming from. A school can have many affiliated marketers to promote their online school. An online school needs to be easy to find. The more people that are able to find the school the more clients they will enroll.

The best way to make an online school is to use an affiliated marketing program. You will have people working to promote your school and make sure that people visit the website. The more people that come to find out information the more people will enroll in the school’s programs.

Can You Make Money from Review Sites?

Review sites are everywhere. From independent sites run both for money and for love to Amazon affiliate sites and more. If you wanted access to opinions on anything, you can get it by simply Googling.

Which begs the very human question – can you make money from all of this? The answer, as usual with business marketing, is yes…if.

One big if, is "if the community notices you". It helps to have the support of your friends – and it helps to have friends in the right places. Take this site here, it's dedicated to the best vacuum for pet hair. It's not the most scintillating of topics but it does fill a niche even Google admits is very popular (try searching yourself if you don't believe me) and part of its success is a well tailored network of support. It’s also clearly laid out, with the pertinent reviews accessible right at your fingertips. It also offers how-to guides and tips for selection, determining your needs etc. So alongside that good network, it's making itself into a hub of information. Hubs get referred to and sites that get referred to thrive.

There are a few more things you need to make a success as a review blog or site, though. People like to see longevity and action. Not only will that blog need to have been around a while, it's going to need to show signs of actions. That means it needs to have a multitude of followers as well as posting activity from the site itself. The domain type matters, too. You need to be on your own domain. Many free hosts will not allow reviews or other potentially commercial uses of their free hosting. Plus, .com sites are likely to rank higher in web listings. Look at one of the number 1 hubs for airless paint sprayer reviews if you don't believe me. Again, this is a high traffic, successful site because it's getting it right. The site is cleanly set up to enable you to access exactly what you clicked through their for the airless paint sprayer reviews you're seeking. For those in the market, airless paint sprayers are quite an investment, so it's natural that people would want to compare and contrast the various features they're looking for. As a hub, that page makes it possible to do so cleanly, easily and with a minimum of fuss.

As with most things these days, having and using social media will help you launch your page too. People like to see activity and interest in what you're talking about and doing. Else, no one is going to care about the reviews you're doing and they'll take their offers elsewhere. The people want to see that you're out there and influential in the public space.

Review sites aren't for everyone, but they fill a very valuable niche and can be both a popular and a useful choice of internet business if you have the stamina and social presence to make it work.

Ways to Market Your Motorcycle Business Online

Marketing is an important aspect of business that cannot be avoided.

Any organization that does not market their brand will probably fail. There are many different mediums such as television and radio that companies use to promote their products and services. The internet is the latest medium that is used for this purpose. The following information will give owners and managers some ways to market their business online.

1. Create a Website

Today’s business climate requires a website. This might seem obvious to many people but the truth is that many businesses do not have an online presence. Business like motorcycle shops that need to have an inventory of items such as different sorts of helmets and equipment can take their business online and capture a whole new area or revenue that they never thought was possible before the internet. Here’s a great example of a business that made one. Websites should not be overlooked because they can be used for advertising and informational purposes.

2. Social Media

There are close to 1 billion registered members on all social media sites across the globe. Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter have a combined total of 700,000,000 million users. Businesses that want to maximize their sales, profits and customers are going to have to use social media. Companies should promote their brand, interact with members and find new ways to advertise through social media channels.

3. Blog

Blogging plays a big part on the internet with informing people about what is happening online and in the world. People blog about many things including businesses, products and services. Companies should definitely use blogging methods to get the word out about their brand and to show potential customers how their product can help them to resolve an issue or fulfill a need.

4. Promote URL

Companies should promote the address of their website (or URL) on the internet and offline. They can place their URL on stationary, t-shirts, online advertisements and on pamphlets. The main thing owners should keep in mind with this tactic is to put their URL on everything that they can to promote their business.

5. Create an Email List

Businesses should gather their customers email information to create a list for marketing and advertising purposes. Lists can be used to send out promos and special offers to customers and they can reach out to new customers as well.

6. Support Charities

Many businesses can support a charity and a charity can offer to indirectly promote that business in return on their online website. While it is not advisable to join a charity just for the purpose of promoting a business online; owners should consider this route as a marketing option.

7. Podcasting

Some companies can use podcast to promote their business online. A podcast is a radio program that is sent through the internet and not over airwaves. Businesses can send out podcasts about their products and services and connect with the culture to find new customers.

8. Increase Search Engine Visibility

Businesses can use SEO tactics to gain more exposure on the web. SEO uses certain word orders and phrases to rank websites at the top of a search list. Businesses should hire the services of a person who understands how web page rankings work to properly use this tactic.

These particular marketing tactics will help any owner to effectively promote their business online.

Liposuction Online: Getting the Attention You Deserve

Okay, I’m not actually giving liposuction online, but I got your attention. I want to talk to you about how you can do the same for your aesthetic practice.

Online marketing is often overlooked by small cosmetic surgery practices despite the fact that most patients begin their investigations into cosmetic procedures by turning to the web. Instead, when a potential patient begins their search for information, they are met with advertisements by large clinics with national presence and may begin to believe that the risks of going to a small provider are higher than going to those with the biggest advertising budget. I use the example of aesthetic surgery here because it is a type of practice with a growing market share but often only marketed with the ‘hang out your shingle and wait’ type strategy that leaves practitioners underperforming.

Even though we all know that you can’t believe everything that you read on the web, people still turn to it first. The key then is making sure that your voice can be heard among the many others that are clamoring for attention and that those who hear it are people who want your services. There are some easy things that you can do to increase your business’ presence to the right audience and then there are some more complex, but also highly effective things that you may want to do yourself or you may want to turn to a professional for help.

1. Start a Blog.
Are people going to read your daily musings about liposuction? Maybe not, but they might flip through it and if you carefully craft the entries to correspond with key search terms, it may help you to show up more often in internet searches. A blog also provides you with a way to introduce yourself to your potential patients and create the feeling of a relationship that will draw them in to that first consultation.

2. Social Media.
Of course you know about it, but are you using it for your practice? Your office should have a Facebook page where you can post images and announcements. It’s not enough just to have the page – you have to use it. You can announce promotions on it, but if nobody sees the page, it’s not very likely to draw people in. If you can get your patients to like your page, each like is like a referral. This also means that their friends will see your page and that is a powerful way of reaching them. It’s not just likes that count, it’s also the reviews that patients can write and the amount of activity on the page leads it to a higher likelihood of being found. There are a number of other social media platforms that you can investigate such as Twitter and Flickr, for example, but before you dive in, make sure you have the office support to maintain them – if the last post on your Facebook page is two years old, it may look like you’ve been out of business or that nobody is using you anymore.

3. Respond to Posts.
These aren’t the posts on your pages, but rather the posts on other sites, such as, for example. These national forums are where people who are interested in your services you offer come to search for and share information. Posting a response to a question or essay lets you build a relationship, establish yourself as an authority, and raises the chance that your name will come up when someone searches for a cosmetic surgeon in your area.

4. Provide Information.
One of the first questions that people have about liposuction is about its price. Very few practices mention the cost on their sites, almost as if it is a secret. If somebody thinks they might be interested in liposuction but only at a cost that you can’t afford to provide, there is no need to spend your time in a consultation. You want to focus on the clients who are going to be able to afford your services. This doesn’t mean that you don’t want a chance to talk to people who are on the line about cost, but if somebody believes that the cost of liposuction will be $99 and won’t spend a penny more, then you might as well dispel that myth right away. Let other doctors spend their time on the price roadblock, once the patient has realized your prices are reasonable, they’ll come back. Either way, it leaves you more time to work with patients who are educated about what to expect.

These techniques aren’t specific to aesthetic practices but should be part of any efforts by small practices who want to be competitive in today’s marketplace.

How to Market your Trucking Business Online

Although it may not seem like an integral part of your business, repeat customers, referrals, and online marketing and promos, are going to help increase your trucking business – whether you have a fleet of trucks, or trucking services, or you have your own training and schooling for truck drivers.

The right online ads are not only going to elicit old customers who may need services again in the future, but it will also allow new customers to find you online as well. So, knowing how to market your trucking business online is the first step to attracting potential customers, when you are in this industry.

Email ads

Mass email ads are a great way to market. Having an extensive email list will allow you to send out special promos, deals, and savings on services. You have to place your company name, the deal, dates, and how customers can save. With an email list, you are also going to find that you will receive new customers, through referrals. If current customers are happy with your work, they will inform others, resulting in more business coming your way.

Social media

Today, social media is an integral part of business marketing strategies. You can post specials on Twitter, you can post savings or promo dates through Facebook. Not only do these sites allow you to reach the masses with one single message, they also allow you to send out mass messages, at different intervals of time, without having to be online, or pay for a marketing company to work with you. You can send out messages at intervals or all at once; the more followers you have, and the more people that see these messages, the more business you will elicit.

Team up

Working with mass merchants (such as Walmart or other large stores like Costco), is a great way to advertise. Not only will they have their logos on your trucks, they will also promote your business on the web as well. You will not have to come up with the clever ads, the work will be done for you, and many people will see it, as these larger retailers have several clients and customers on their sites.


Other than savings, you can offer a free delivery with future services, or other savings through online ads. By giving your customers something, they are likely to use you in the future, since you offer a great deal of savings for the work that you are offering to them. No matter what the promo or incentive, customers are likely to at least call you and find out what you have to offer, when you are willing to provide them with some form of savings.

There is more than one way to market your trucking business online, and there are a variety of mediums you can use when you are trying to draw in new consumers. Using these, as well as a mix of media based marketing, you are going to receive more new business, and you are going to receive the repeat customers that you have dealt with in the past through marketing ads as well.

What Today’s GTA V Fans Can Do When Marketing What They Offer

Many people are offering different types of Grand Theft Auto V materials for the general public to use. People can find a variety of different things all around the online world including GTA V cheats, mods and other special downloads.

If people want to showcase the many GTA V resources that they have created then they can do many things to market what they have. This is regardless of whether people are offering things for free or if they are looking to get money out of all of the things they want to give out. This could really establish a fine look when all is said and done.

Talk About Benefits To a Customer

People could talk about the benefits of different products when marketing them. For instance, if a person has GTA 5 Xbox 360 cheats through a place like freegta5cheats then that person can talk about the different benefits that come with cheats. This can all be done to give people ideas of how they can get more ways to win their games if these are used right and with more than enough control.

Highlight More Features

Another idea for marketing is to talk about offering as many features as possible. If people are aware of more features in different products then they will be more interested in items that are being provided to them.

For instance, some people might find different resources like GTA V maps for sale. These maps can be promoted as ones that have instructions to how to get to hidden vehicles, locations, missions and other essential resources. If a person hears about more features in such a product then that person may be more interested in the product in general.

Offer Special Free Items

Some free items may also be added in the marketing process. For instance, if a person buys a GTA V guide then that person can get some free skins that may be added onto a game. These include skins that allow for vehicles and people to look different or to have special features in terms of their appearances. If these are created well enough then it should be rather easy for anyone to get some fine looks going for all of their playing plans.

Market New Ideas

The last thing to do is to offer new items that might be unique. For instance, many new ideas may include special skins that have never been released before or new music files to add to the game. If there’s something that is unique and special to a package or purchase then it is best to highlight it above anything else. This is to make anyone marketing different game-related products look as unique and specific as possible.

GTA V fans should use the right marketing plans if they want they work to really be exposed to more people. People should see how great GTA V resources can be of use to them while also making sure that the right marketing tasks are done as a means of making everything more interesting and useful for the general public to see.

Internet Marketing Solutions for Small Businesses

Marketing products and services over the internet is the order of the day these days. Major companies that thrive in their respective industries in this age spend large sums of money in mass media advertising. However, those who successfully reach out to the global market use the internet to promote their products and services.

Over the past few years, internet marketing solutions have overtaken all other traditional means of marketing. Among other merits of this advertising platform is comparative cost effectiveness and a much wider market reach.

Marketing for white card online training programs is proof of the effectiveness of internet marketing. A white card is required for workers carrying out construction work in Australia. Those taking up white card certification courses online will learn the basic principles of health and safety in construction sites. Additionally, they will learn how to prevent work related injuries and illnesses, injury management, and workers' compensation.

We all know how demanding construction work can be. Most people in this industry do not have time to attend classes. This is why they turn to online white card training programs. Through internet marketing strategies, agencies offering this program are able to reach out to construction workers more effectively.

For small businesses however, creating a successful internet marketing campaign can be frustrating. What's even more daunting is trying to land at a workable online marketing strategy. You are fully aware of what you want – to have your business more visible on the web. How are you going to make this happen?

As a small business owner, you should consider hiring an internet marketing consultant or agency to help solve your online marketing drawbacks. They will carry out a suitable online marketing campaign for your business with the use of website optimization techniques and social media marketing strategies.

There are many internet marketing firms that can help small business owners achieve their goal. These internet marketers have vast technical and market knowledge when it comes to this field.

If you choose to take matters into your own hands, here are a few things that can help you on your way to putting up an online business.

Come Up with a Design for Your Website

Choose on a color scheme that is both relevant to your business and pleasant to the eye. Also, pick a text font and size which are easy to read. Most importantly, ensure that the content of your site communicates your message clearly. Before your site goes live, review it objectively from your customers' viewpoint.

Optimize Your Website

There are several ways of enhancing the performance of your website. This is the part where a shoddy job equals failure. The tools and techniques utilized here include:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This refers to the process of maximizing the number of visitors to your website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine. It helps in redirecting clients to the right place in your website. The process involves proper analysis of keywords and equally distributing them throughout the web page as well as the use of proper tools.

  • Link Building

Building back links to your company’s webpage on other websites is what link building is about. It involves setting links that prospective customers will simply click on so they can get redirected to your company’s website.

  • Social Media Marketing

You will need social media alignment on your webpage user interface with the use of proper keywords and back links to these websites.

  • Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click is very useful for companies looking to divert substantial amount of traffic to their website. It is used well by Google, MSN, and Yahoo. Google AdWords is the most popular service today.

Top 5 ways to Drive Traffic to Home Improvement Websites

Did you launch a new website in the past one year? You are not alone. Close to 220 million new domain names were registered in 2013 alone. Almost 180 million of these sites are active right now. The total number of registered domain names on the Internet has crossed 981 million and new ones are being added as we speak. Only a small proportion of these websites create real buzz and generate the expected revenue. I recently helped, a DIY website and a reviews websites with driving traffic to their basement remodeling ideas and pressure washer reviews websites, respectively. They had a sharp increase in traffic and saw many visitors become interested in home improvement projects and the equipment needed. Have you wondered how these sites succeed, while others do not? Well, the winners follow some proven strategies effectively.

You will need at least six months to generate steady traffic. Remember that successful websites offer innovative products and great content and follow right marketing strategies. Do not waste your time on ineffective strategies such as spamming forums and emails. Always focus on your target audience and leave a lasting impression on them.

Backlinks can have a significant impact on your website traffic. Contact the local Chamber of Commerce and Better Business Bureau and have your company listed on their website. You can also advertise on Bing,, websites of the local newspapers, and other web pages specific to your industry. For the two websites mentioned at the beginning of this article a link from Home Depot will be of great value because it they are all related to do it yourself home improvement. Apart from increasing traffic through direct hits, backlinks from reputed websites improve your credibility and search engine ranking.

Blogs are a great way of reaching out to consumers looking for specific information or product. Ideally, the blog should share the same domain name as your business. This will help increase traffic to your website. This site has a great blog and other information for remodeling and cleaning up around the house. Quality content will add to your popularity and credibility. You may also share the blog on social media sites to draw additional traffic.

Share buttons
The Internet is all about sharing information. You should, therefore, add share buttons to all your web pages. Visitors can share their favorite pages with friends via email and social media, and help generate positive buzz around your products and services. You will generate real traffic that actually translates into sales and revenue.

Press releases
Use online press release syndicates to inform consumers about new products, sales numbers, and other significant achievements. Although press releases require additional time and effort, they create a positive impression about your business. Consumers will appreciate your professional approach and begin to trust your products and services.

Search engine optimization
Search engine optimization is another proven technique that helps drive traffic to your website. Use Google AdWords to find keywords that are relevant to your products and services. Recent changes to search engine algorithms have also forced websites to focus on quality content. Apart from adding relevant and keyword-rich information on your website and blog, update the website regularly. This will improve your rankings on popular search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

Internet has revolutionized the way people lead their lives. Consumers rely on it for everything from news and information to shopping and entertainment. However, most people stick to a few known names or to websites that top organic search engine rankings. The simple and cost-effective strategies mentioned here can make a big difference. With little time and effort, you can implement most of them without professional help and notice a significant increase in hits that translate into revenue for your business.

The Art Of Writing Great Headlines

It’s not difficult to write great headlines. Headlines are a little different from other types of writing, but you can get comfortable with these differences. All copywriters appreciate the essential nature of headlines. Be sure that you are fully aware of and understand this as well. Many marketers will spend an awful lot if time honing in the body of their message and then make the mortal sin of just scribbling out any old headline – don’t be one of these people. Give headlines the care and consideration they warrant. How do the top copywriters grab their readers with the headline? We’ll tell you how.

The main reason that you write a headline at all is because you want people to read the content you’ve written. In some ways, what you want is for them to take action. That’s exactly why you need to work to put in a sense of urgency for your headlines. It’s important to make your readers feel like they really need to take some action. No, it isn’t about pushing the reader or forcing him to read your content. It is all about creating a situation in which the reader doesn’t even have to think twice about taking action. They can’t possibly miss out on this opportunity. This technique can really help you get a much better response from the headlines you put together than pretty much anything else, as long as you get it right.

Your headline needs to be as specific as it can possibly be. Think super specific, where you present your message as clear cut as you can. Now-the way you get this done is going to depend upon how well you take all of those other factors under consideration. The overall job of your headline is to grab the attention of your readers. The rest of the work is taken care by the content. Your headline is where you can be specific then. And your main body of content is where you get to go into the details. Be as precise with your headline writing as you can.

Is your headline concise and to the point? If necessary, eliminate some words. Use facts and make the minimum use of adjectives. Remain focused on your main point. Readers should be able to take away a single point from your headline. You want your headlines to enlighten people, not make them wonder what you’re talking about. The headline is the most important part of your content. That’s why you have to put a lot of effort into them. Popular ways to start your headline are “How To…”, or list forms such as “5 Tips To…” or “20 Signs..”. For example, “How To Test If You Are Pregnant” or “20 Signs You’re Pregnant” linking to your online pregnancy test calculator, found here for instance is more effective than a headline such as “Great Ways To Test If You Are Pregnant Online”

Anyone can learn to write headlines that convert well. In fact, it’s easy if you don’t make it complicated. A headline might fall short for any number of reasons. Most often, it’s because not enough effort was taken. Only by testing and comparing various headlines can you know how well they perform. You won’t get very far by taking random guesses. Keep the above guidelines in mind when writing your headlines and you’ll do fine. Everything else will take care of itself.

Advantages of Small Businesses Online

Big businesses have it easy. They can expand their brick-and-mortar operation while they delve into internet marketing. Even with a large inventory, large number of goods for sale and the logistics to support the sales, big stores and chains are forced to go online because everyone is already online. By everyone, that means that their competitors, their suppliers and their customers. It is logical for big chains to pursue their market no matter where it goes.


Worth Going Online


For small businesses, their owners may balk at the additional cost of going online. This is something that they were not trained to do, they do not have the expertise for it and they do not have the needed manpower for the technical jobs it entails. Small businesses will have to adapt however because they have a better chance of competing against the big guys in the online marketplace. As the adage says, “on the internet, nobody knows that you’re a dog.”


In fact, for internet buyers and customers, they don’t really care if the vendor is a big company or not, it does not even matter if the vendor is located in the next county or across the country. Small buisnesses have everything to gain from going online, compared to large multinationals.  A case in point, even just a few years back, a small business would not be able to sell their goods and have it delivered to the customer’s front door. A cupcake maker in Philadelphia would most probably be selling only to the immediate neighborhood. But by going online, small businesses potential market is a lot more times larger. There is no metric to measure the potential market. Suffice to say that the potential market is almost as large as the internet.


Equal Footing


On top of that, any size website is a fair competition to a big company’s website. The only difference is the technology in use as well as the design characteristics. However, the point remains that a small business would spend almost the same amount as larger company in setting up a website. It is that affordable, and it can also be setup almost immediately. Big businesses may spend more for their website, but it still has to compete with several other smaller company’s websites, and have more sales in order to break even. Smaller companies do not have to sell as many in order to earn.


Take for instance binary options trade. Big banks and financial institutions implement this instrument but they have to rely on smaller companies in order to sell these online. A small business with an authority to sell binary options trade instruments is on the same footing as any other internet company selling the same instruments. What they need to get ahead of the competition is to go to the potential target market via social media and social networking site, as well as to go to other Web 2.0 websites.


It still needs a lot of work in order for a website to sell, however, larger companies have found themselves in the same league as smaller companies because everyone who selling online has their own strategy and methods to make this work. In which case, success can be had by a small company, or by a larger company without their respective sizes affecting the outcome of sales.

The Internet is a Big Place

Having an effective website and social media presence is a must for any business. That fact will hardly come as a shock to long-term readers of this blog, of course, but it’s a fact that never wanes in importance. In the digital age there are very few businesses that can thrive solely on word of mouth and print media advertising. The flip side is, of course, that’s it’s also easier to save costs on these methods- even to take a DIY route- for small business that were previously locked out of the advertising market by steep costs and a tendency to require large budgets.

So it’s a double edged sword, particularly when you’re in that category of small business struggling to launch your online profile. Get it right, and you’re unlikely to fall short of customers or sales. But the internet’s a big place. Get it wrong, and you’ll simply be one of many, many lost and adrift site out there causing more click-offs then click-throughs.So bear a few things in mind if you’re in the process of designing your business’ new home-on-the-web:

Content is Key

Content that people use, refer to and will need to return too is one of the most vital things you could create. Too many people spend wasted time trying to fool search engines and get rank, without considering that once they’ve got that rank a lousy page that gives no value is still a lousy page. Write for your audience first- make them want to come back. One of the easiest strategies is, of course, to ensure there’s something of value in the information you offer. So, say, you are a niche salon catering to one-day breast procedures for women. Of course you’ll need content to sell your services, but try the same sort of value-adding you’d give if the customer were there in front of you. Maybe offer your customers some comparative prices of breast implants and what to budget for, or advice on the post-surgical care they will require. They’re going to need that information anyway- let them come to your for it rather than others.

Mind your links

Link exchanges and other programs that try to force the hand of search engines are, again, strategies that don’t pay off in the long run. Inward and outward links are vital, yes, but go about them constructively. To use an example again, if you’re in the bartending industry, a quality out bound link to  information on local liquor law or RSA courses online [that’s Responsible Service of Alcohol, if you’re wondering, and pertains to licensing for bartending] you’ve made a far better choice than getting a stack of random links to and from unrelated pages.

Don’t forget your image.

This one will matter particularly if you’re in a sales imagery.  Photography and graphic design are not places to scrimp, or to decide that your uncle’s nephew’s cousin can do the job just because he once tinkered with Photoshop. If you’re trying to sell something, professional pictures will sell their cost a million times over. There’s no company that wouldn’t benefit from a professional logo. These don’t have to cost the world, but don’t dismiss their importance- they’re make or break.

It’s a tough world out there on the net. Make sure you take some time to apply these tips, and give yourself the best chances of being noticed.

Make Your Posts Stand Out With Images

It’s all very well promoting our websites through various mediums such as social media and the like, but unfortunately it isn’t as easy as a quick share on Facebook or a quick tweet on Twitter. The share, or tweet, or other, needs to be engaging. We can all share links but unless we make them interesting then people will not be inclined to click on them, much less share them. That is what we want, we want a post that people will take the time to look at and read and then at the end of it, share amongst their own friends. That is how a post goes “viral”.

But creating a post like that is very hard. Some agencies charge thousands of pounds to create these kinds of posts. You can spend a fortune on the kind of writer who knows just how to grab someone’s attention and keep it, and likewise, you can spend a fortune on graphic designers who can create images and things like infographics for you. But if you don’t have a high end budget how do you create these kinds of posts that people will want to share? The first thing to do is have a catchy image. Research shows that posts with images get more views and more shares than those without. Make sure the image is bold and colourful and stands out. Images such as the one that goes with this article (courtesy of for example. I bet your eye was immediately drawn to it when you came upon this article and that is the first thing you paid attention to, before any of this text.

In a sea of articles, of black and white text it is important to create something to grab people’s attention and make them want to find out more. In this case it was a simple image that is full of colour and a hint of excitement with the juice splash. In other cases it could be and informative image, like the infographic I mentioned earlier, or it could be a funny image that grabs people’s imaginations.
If you cannot design your own then scour the internet using the Google image search and your keywords. Avoid using images that are copyrighted. If you have basic design skills you can try your hand at putting something together in a graphics package such as Photoshop. Use a photo that you have taken and have a go at superimposing some text over it, in the style of all the memes that are currently very popular. It is not that hard and your skills and eye for a good image will grow the more you work at it.

The other thing to bear in mind once you have your image is that like any online marketing campaign you need to stick at it and do no expect overnight results. Remember you are competing with the companies that can pay thousands of bucks / dollars / pounds for a professionally designed image to go along with their professionally written post. But don’t let that hold you back. Often it can be the smaller guy and girl that triumph because they are in touch with their audience and they know what people want more than anything. So go on, give it a go, your first image probably won’t go viral overnight, but a regular posting in this way will increase your exposure and increase your chance of success.

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